Consumer Guide: Proven Wealth Strategies

This Guide focuses on some valuable financial concepts and strategies that have had a proven track record of creating wealth. The following are a list of subjects that are discussed in this short and concise Guide:

  • The Top 25% of the Wage Earners- Who are they?
  • Federal Income Tax Rates
  • “The 3 Types of Money”
  • Wealth Builders: The 3 Ways to Save & Spend Money
  • Retirement Risks: Tax Rates, Stock Market Volatility, Longevity, Inflation.
  • Properly Designed & Maximum Funded Life Insurance Contracts aimed at Accumulating Wealth.
  • Leverage Money Like the Wealthy
  • A Unique Crediting Strategy.

Although, the Guide also contains an FAQ part, please feel free to contact us with any additional questions that you may have.