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At Capital Shield, we are dedicated to providing our clients with the most suitable and cost-effective insurance and financial products. We believe in the necessity of listening to the goals, objectives, and concerns of our clients first, and then, engaging them throughout the process of devising their insurance and/or financial plan. Education being a core principal in our practice, we take an explanatory and transparent approach in presenting the strategies and financial instruments that we may recommend.

To put it simply: We explain the “why” of our every suggestion, as well as the inner workings and the purpose of any product recommendation. Having built our practice on this educational and explanatory approach, we can confidently say that we have honed and perfected the art of making the complex understandable!

Our top priority being our clients’ best interests, we have partnered with over 30 of the industry’s most elite companies to provide our clients with choice, objectivity, and the ability to “shop around”. This business model has also been a sure way to eliminate allegiances to any one company, hence putting our clients first.

Our Top 10 Partner Companies:

These 10 strong and innovative companies are our primary carriers for all sorts of insurance & financial products and solutions. They are all A-Rated with long histories of proven track records.

If you don’t have an insurance & financial portfolio, let our 21 years of experience help you create one.
and if you do have one, have us review it for you at no cost.
It’s called getting a second Expert opinion!
Simple Changes can sometimes Improve the Performance of a portfolio dramatically.

Mission Statement

Our Mission Is Our Commitment To:

  • Being a client-centered practice by putting our clients’ best interests as our first unequivocal priority.
  • Being knowledgeable, explanatory & concise in devising our clients’ financial plans and recommendations.
  • Being readily responsive to the requests & changing needs of our clients.
  • Only using products with a balance of great features, low internal costs, and tax minimizing abilities.
  • Continuously keeping clients’ trust through integrity, competence, and reliability.

In Case You'd be Curious, I’m the Company Proprietor!

I have been an insurance and financial consultant since 1999. I started my career with New York Life, and, after about 3 years I left the company to pursue my career as an independent broker. As a business model, being independent was much closer to my outlook than being a so called “captive agent” of just one company. In my judgment, true objectivity & impartiality could have been achieved only in an “Independent Broker” sphere. And frankly, today I’m more convinced than ever that the only proper way of looking after clients’ best interests is through independence & non-loyalty towards any one company.

I emigrated to the U.S. from my former home country, Iran, as a teenager. After graduating high school in Encino, CA, I purchased a run-down pizza restaurant and built it to a profitable operation, employing 12 people, in less than a year. Education being a high priority, I started attending college while still operating my business. I received my Associate in Arts degree from Mt. San Antonio College in Walnut, CA, and my Bachelor’s degree in Business Management from University of La Verne in the City of La Verne, CA. Years later, I also attended Cal State Northridge’s graduate school, studying 20th century American history which is a personal hobby and interest of mine.

Being from a family of educators, I’ve made teaching of financial concepts an inseparable part of my practice. So, before engaging my clients in the process of devising their financial plan, I opt to explain the concepts as well as the working mechanics of the financial instruments that I offer. Based on what I’ve been told by most of my clients, I have an innate ability to explain concepts well and to make the complex understandable. “No Body has explained it to us like you have” is a phrase that I have heard all too often from the hundreds of clients that I had the honor of assisting throughout the years.

My insistence on educating clients, transparency, and thoroughness, are the characteristics that distinguish me and my company’s culture from those of the competition. As I credit my Christian faith for maintaining my sense of integrity and value, I’m proud to mention that I have an immaculate record of fiduciary duty towards my clients with zero complaints.

It would be my honor to assist you.

Ara Babayan