Your Personal Wealth Report:

See your vision of creating wealth in a clear picture by obtaining your own, personalized Wealth Report. This 20 page document mainly addresses the issue of cash accumulation in a tax efficient manner for a lifelong of tax free income stream. It also identifies the adverse factors that can have an impeding effect on the true potential of your money’s growth, namely the risks of the market, the tax rates, inflation, and longevity. It’s a unique report in a sense that it runs two side by side, identical comparisons among the top 5, most well-known financial vehicles, commonly used for cash accumulation. Both comparisons are shown in illustrative ledgers with real numbers. One of them focuses on the actual ability of the 5 vehicles in accumulating cash and generating income while the other compares their expenses and tax liabilities.

The Wealth Report is truly a valuable road map that puts all factors related to cash accumulation into a complete perspective with the help of great illustrations and infographics.

The following are some of the concepts discussed and shown in the Wealth Report:

  • Potential Risks during Retirement
  • Comparative Illustrations showing Values & Cash Flows
  • A Comparison of Expenses & Taxes
  • Historical Markets- Rates for Rolling 15 Year Periods
  • Indexed Returns