Thanks for trying to figure it out!

And we mean it! We commend your interest in seeking your options in life insurance. You have truly taken a step in the right direction in figuring out a highly beneficial financial vehicle that is often overlooked. Consider the following 4 thoughts:

  • Although Term life insurance is the most economic way of having protection, its’ benefits end there! As the name suggests, Term insurance comes with an expiration date, meaning it ends at some point, usually when it’s needed the most! It offers no extension, no saving, and no income.
  • Permanent life insurance, besides providing protection, is also a strong financial vehicle with remarkable tax advantages, a competitive saving component, & an ability to generate tax-free income. Please note that these features are unseen in any other financial vehicle!
  • In our practice, we aim to educate our clients about the concept of life insurance, and listen to their future aspirations, before devising & recommending a life insurance portfolio. So, our plans are tailored to meet the specific goals, needs and budgets of our clients.
  • Acquire the Knowledge by making an appointment today and see for yourself how the complex can be made easy to understand. With no cost or obligation, you have nothing to lose but to gain some unique information.

There is no denying that a Term Life Insurance can certainly play a part in the overall life insurance portfolio of a family. This is especially true when a family’s protection needs must also meet its’ budget. However, based on industry surveys and our own experience of working with countless families, we know that every family wishes to have a life insurance policy, large or small, that will last a lifetime. Therefore, owning a Permanent life policy as an important part of an overall life insurance portfolio would not only be desirable but also highly beneficial to a family’s economic stability and strength.

And yes, you can have both Term & Permanent policy at the same time!

The flexibility of today’s Permanent life insurance policies allow them to be designed in accordance with a policy owner’s goals and budget. As an example, a Permanent policy can be designed both as a low cost protection mechanism that is guaranteed for life, or as a strong financial vehicle that is geared towards cash accumulation and the creation of a tax free income stream.

Nationally recognized retirement expert & practicing CPA, Ed Slott, has said it best:
Life Insurance is the Single Biggest Benefit in the Tax Code!

So, it’s no wonder that high income families routinely use Permanent life insurance policies in planning for their wealth transfer, savings, income and business arrangements, because they are aware that those features can all be tax free! By making an appointment with us, you will learn about all of the “under the radar” information that prompts high income families to vigorously utilize life insurance in their finances. Information that are not commonly revealed to the public.

A Word of Caution about “On-Line Resources” and Accountants!

Please be wary of the “on-line resources”. An overwhelming majority of them are nothing but half-stories with distorted facts, written “for” or “against” Permanent life, depending on the writer’s stance!

Also, Accountants, by enlarge, don’t even have a basic understanding of life insurance, yet clients seek advice from them as authority figures, without realizing that Accountants’ authority is in the areas of accounting & taxes, NOT life insurance! Most accountants’ life insurance knowledge is really only limited to some scant hearsay information that misguides more than helps! We know! We’ve been dealing with them for over 20 years. So, please let them just do your accounting and taxes and leave your life insurance planning to an experienced and knowledgeable life insurance professional!

An appointment with us can be considered as your own private workshop where we first explain a Permanent policy’s financial components individually and then in concert together. We cover the material step by step, in a clear language and explain its’ working logic & mechanism in a full context. Due to the educational nature of our appointments, we provide our clients with State Approved illustrations that compare the performance of Permanent life insurance with varying financial vehicles in identical conditions.

Permanent Life is the only insurance product in the world that offers
Protection, Saving and Income
all under the same plan.
Don’t let it be a missed opportunity. Find out about it & more importantly, take advantage of it.

Already own a life policy but feel confused about it? No worries, with such clients, we review their policies, explain it to them and answer any questions that they may have at no cost or obligation. And if need be, we also recommend any changes that may improve their policy’s performance.

Using Permanent life insurance to fund college education? Yes, A Permanent life policy can be a great tool for that purpose! Learn about how a maximum funded Life Insurance can function as a Strong College Funding Vehicle that will not jeopardize your Kids’ chances of receiving Grants.

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