A Power Pack of 5 Brochures

  • Conceptual
  • Strategizing
  • Educational

Boost your knowledge & financial savvy by selecting this power pack of 5 explanatory brochures. Here is a quick synopsis of each:

  1. Seeking a Tax-Efficient Portfolio: Get acquainted with the concept of funding a properly designed, maximum funded life insurance policy with distributions from IRAs or qualified retirement plans. Learn about the benefits that this strategy entails.
  2. A Framework for Your Retirement Income Strategies: Retirement in America is changing, so planning calls for a new approach. Most Americans are concerned about saving enough for retirement, but to enjoy the retirement you envision, it’s also important to consider your transition into retirement, and your years in retirement, too.
  3. Using Life Insurance to Help Pay for College: Learn about how a life insurance can play the dual role of being a protective measure as well as an efficient financial tool to pay for the cost of attending college. Financing college via a maximum funded life insurance can also preserve your child’s chances of receiving all sorts of Grants.
  4. Understanding Your IRA- and Your Options: In preparing for your future retirement, you may have used an Individual Retirement Account (IRA) to accumulate retirement savings. But at some point, you may wonder whether you should maintain your IRA as it currently is. This brochure discusses Traditional & Roth IRAs and the 5 available options for moving or transferring them.
  5. Tax Free Retirement Strategy: Permanent life insurance not only protects your beneficiaries, but it also allows you to build cash value that can be used for tax free income via properly designed policy loans. In addition, you can also access your death benefit in case of chronic or critical illnesses. Life insurance can be the wise and efficient part of your overall retirement portfolio, and that’s certainly a lesser known fact!